In answer to the question...

What five character deaths affected you the most?

1) Bart Allen (aka Impulse/Kid Flash/The Flash): Honestly, I don't care all that much about the speedsters, but this is Bart. Bart who was way cute in Young Justice (and in his own title), who was painfully eager to please in Teen Titans, and who--as The Flash--liked to run fast and help people. I was heartbroken that they killed him. So much so, that I considered buying Countdown 42--despite the dreadful art--so that I could have the issue that showed his funeral. And I don't care that they brought Wally back. I liked Bart better.

2) Jean Grey (aka Marvel Girl/Phoenix): The most recent death--the one in 2005. I was so affected, in fact, that I stopped buying X-Men comics once I realized that they weren't bringing her back right away. She was my favorite character, and when they got rid of her (and put Cyclops with EMMA FROST, of all people), I lost my interest in the series.

3) Angel Dumott Schunard: The "heart" of the Rent family. No matter how many times I see Rent, I always cry when Angel dies. It's pathetic. I start crying during "Without You" and I don't really stop until after the finale. With the minor exception of "What You Own," but who can cry during an inspirational song like that?

4) Cedric Diggory: The first Harry Potter death. I was shocked that J. K. Rowling had killed this fairly benign, charming character. These were kids' books, for cryin' out loud! I thought the bad guy was supposed to be the one that kicked it.

Deathly Hallows spoiler, and is there anyone reading this that *hasn't* read Deathly Hallows yet? )


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