And today's question is:

What are your five favorite canonical friendships?

1) Mark, Roger, and Collins (Rent): I am firmly in the camp that does not make boyslash out of these guys. I love their friendship, with all its snark and underlying love. They make me want to squish them and snuggle them and call them George.

2) Superboy and Robin (DCU): The banter between these two is always entertaining, and who can resist a friendship that began over Poison Ivy, pheromones, and a ring made out of Green K?

3) Robin and Raven (Animated Titans): Season Four--which I fondly refer to as the Raven Season--really spotlights interaction between these two, and makes it probably my favorite friendship in the series. Also one of my favorite friendships in general.

4) The Founders (Harry Potter): Never were there such friends as these, the Sorting Hat says, so it's canon! :-P I especially like the fact that J.K. Rowling says almost nothing about them aside from this, so I am free to use my imagination as to how these lot became friends. It makes me happy.

5) Elphaba and G(a)linda (Wicked, especially the musical): The end of that show gets me every damn time, and not because Elphaba gets the guy. Watching the two of them say goodbye forever to a friendship that has meant so much just *breaks* me. ::weeps::

And in other news, it's about a million degrees, and I have to work tomorrow morning. This makes me sad. But I have a fan pointing at me, and this is a source of joy, so my emotional equilibrium is unchanged. :-D


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