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Yes, I *know* it's been a while since I've done these, but I thought I would pick it up again today. I've been a little bored, rattling around the house, and NaNo *is* only a week away.

So! Here goes! Item drabbles!

A Routine Operation
The sound of the surgeon’s footsteps echoed in the empty hallway as she made her way to the operating room. It was a routine surgery—an appendectomy. She’d done it a thousand times without ever worrying if the patient would pull through—they just would. This time she worried. It wasn’t because of any doubts in her own abilities, or complications with the patient. The patient was a young, healthy woman with friends, a boyfriend, and a career as an Olympic-class archer. She had a lot to live for. Of course she would pull through. But the surgeon couldn’t escape the look in the boyfriend’s eyes as he’d said goodbye to the patient. He was afraid he’d never see her again. The surgeon hoped she would be able to bring her back to him.

Flash Cards
Sadie scowled at the stack of blue index cards in front of her. Flash cards. She had always hated flash cards.

“Grampa, why…?”

“You failed your last Spanish test,” he said coolly. “You know the rules—bad grades mean no night-life.”

“Are you kidding?” He raised an eyebrow and she groaned. “Of course you’re not kidding. I forgot who I was talking to. It was just one test!”

“And you go out again when I hear that you aced your next one.” He gestured to the stack of cards. “Study and maybe I’ll reconsider.”

With a heavy sigh, Sadie picked up the cards.

Sophie and Aiden sat at the kitchen table, a half-eaten box of Fig Newtons between them.

“Please?” Sophie asked, looking at Aiden with wide, pleading eyes. “Please?”

“No,” Aiden said flatly. “No way. Not a chance. You’re lucky if I don’t tell Mom and Dad tonight. They’re going to kill you when they find out. I don’t want them killing me, too.”

“They won’t find out—not if you help me.”

“This is Dad you’re talking about. He’ll find out, then you’ll be dead. I’m not helping you. If they ask me where you are, I will tell them.” He stood abruptly and stalked off to his bedroom. “Give it up, Soph. This is nuts.”

Sophie sighed and sat back in her chair. That hadn’t gone as well as she had hoped, but she wasn’t worried. It was Aiden—she’d be able to talk him around. With that happy thought, she smiled and took another Fig Newton.


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