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([personal profile] nutterzoi Dec. 14th, 2007 02:10 pm)
Name five characters who should die, or should have died sooner.

Oh, LJ, you have answered my prayers, and this may be all DC... [Huh! Guess not!]

1) Jason Todd--DC Comics - Do I really have to explain this? He was dead. The *fans* voted him dead. Not by a great margin, no, but even the fans hated Jason Todd. WHY does he live again in all his wangsty glory? I hope he dies in the upcoming Final Crisis. Morrison--please, for the love of all that is good and holy--hear my plea. Kill Jason--again--and leave Bruce alone. Because if you kill Bruce, you will see how quickly I drop all of my Bat-titles.

2) Damian Wayne--DC Comics - Again is an explanation really necessary? Nightwing, all of the readers are asking the same thing you are asking yourself--why are you trying to save this ungrateful little shit? I know that you Bats always feel like you've failed if someone dies on your watch, but no one will blame you. Just this once--let the little turd die. Ra's will have a new body, and you will have a way more awesome bad guy to deal with than that spoiled fucking child.

3) Arthur Weasley--Harry Potter - It's complicated. I *liked* Arthur, but he was the one that JKR saved, and had 2 other characters die instead. Which two, you ask? Tonks and Lupin, of course. My FAVORITE CHARACTERS IN ALL SEVEN BOOKS. So... I wish Arthur had died instead. I know, it's cold.

4) Sirius Black--Harry Potter - Should have died sooner. By the end of OotP, he was this whinging spoiled brat. I get that he never really had the chance to grow up, but it doesn't change that Harry needed him to be a grown up, and he wasn't. And he never got that Harry was not James, which I hated.

5) Susan Pevensie--Narnia - I wish she had died with her brothers and sister and parents. I wish she could have been with them that last time in Narnia, and then with them in heaven. It would have been a happier ending for me.
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