So, I participated in both Yuletide and the Jinge Bells, Batman Smells fic exchanges, which--let me tell you--made for an interesting December oh... 15-20th, when it got to be crunch time for both exchanges. Which is neither here nor there. Because the point of this entry is to share the awesome fics I recieved this year through these exchanges!

First, the Yuletide fics! (I was so spoiled this year)

String Theory by par_avion, my wonderful, delightful Yuletide author. A lovely fic about Aly and George from Tamora Pierce's Tortall books. Takes place shortly after Trickster's Queen, and is a wonderful look at their interesting father-daughter dynamic. A really great read--especially if you love Aly and George as much as I do.

Letters from Rajmuat by glass_icarus--A Yuletide Treat! Another take on ALy and George (did I mention how spoiled I was?). Comprised entirely of correspondence from Aly to George--and a really great handle on Aly's voice. I love letter!fic.

My Throne I Resign by Dien. Another Yuletide Treat, but this one is a drabble on Aerin and Luthe from Robin McKinley's Damar books. It's wonderful and hurts in all the right places. It reads like an excerpt from Ms. McKinley's own pages.

Memory's Joy by Merfilly--a NYR 2008 fic! For me! Batman TAS's Dick looks back on one of the defining moments of his and Bruce's relationship. A wonderful, feel-good father-son piece which set me into fits of joy this afternoon when I got the notification.

A Ticket Out--Being... my Yuletide offering. :-P A Blade Trinity fic about Abby and King. King is a vampire who wants to die. Abby offers to rectify the situation.

And now for the JBBS fics (a shorter list, I promise!):

Tim Remembers by [ profile] shananagin--written for [ profile] lady_sarai and I! Follows Tim-Robin's relationships with his Young Justice teammates over the years. A very happy, light-hearted fic.

Operation: Christmas Spirit--being [ profile] lady_sarai and my Yuletide offering for Kate. Bart decides Tim works too hard and needs some holiday cheer. He brings Cissie along for reinforcement, but Tim is working.

::whew!:: And I think that is all. It's been a good year for fic-gifts. Also--[ profile] angel_gidget, don't despair! I am working on a fic for you, and I'm hoping to get it done soon, but it's going slower than expected, and also acquiring trace amounts of plot. But--I bring you a teaser!

Cassie was about to open her mouth to demand a straight answer from Eddie, but then Jaime came into view, carrying a little kid, who was dozing against his shoulder. She frowned. “What the Hell…?”

The kid stirred in Jaime’s arms and turned to give her an unhappy look. “That’s a bad word,” he told her solemnly. “You’re not supposed to say those kinds of words. Mommy and Daddy and Anna say so.”

“Uh—“ Whatever Cassie had been planning to say died in her throat as she realized suddenly the significance of the long red shirt the kid was wearing. She hadn’t given it much thought before, but looking at the long sleeves bunched over his hands, the untidy black hair and the sharp blue eyes, she suddenly had a very good idea of what Eddie had meant when he’d said that there was a “problem.” She turned back to Eddie who looked like he wanted to be anywhere but standing in next to Jaime and the sleepy, disapproving kid. “Why is Robin a three year old?”

“Four,” Tim corrected, in that tone that only very small children get when their age is underestimated. “And I’m Tim—who’s Robin? They called me Robin, too,” he said, glancing at Jaime and Eddie. “Is he your son?” He looked hopefully around as if searching for signs of another child.

Cassie choked. “No!” Tim’s eyes widened comically at the volume in her voice, and she made an effort to tone it down. “No,” she said again. “Robin’s… a friend of ours. You look like him.”


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