For [ profile] lady_sarai, as promised:

Five Times Tim Considered Quitting Being Robin/Kestrel:

1) His sixteenth birthday, when Bruce put him through that "test." When Sadie became Robin, Tim told Bruce that she would get such a test over his dead body. Fortunately, Alfred, Dick and--surprisingly--Jason all agreed.

2) When Bruce's files on the Justice League came to light. Tim had known about them, of course, but he had never expected that it would affect his relationship with Young Justice until it did. He wondered then if being Batman's apprentice was such a great idea.

3) When the Titans came back from the future with the knowledge of what they could become. Tim looked really hard at the Robin suit after that, and wondered if it was worth it.

4) The time everyone thought he died. Seeing the looks on their faces, he wondered if it was fair to keep doing the job that put him at such risk every night.

5) The day Sadie was born. He thought about quitting so that he would be there to watch her grow up.

...And I'm still working on the other one, but does anyone else have any requests? I do DC, Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, (some) X-Men... if you don't know, ask me.
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