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( Dec. 14th, 2007 02:10 pm)
Name five characters who should die, or should have died sooner.

Oh, LJ, you have answered my prayers, and this may be all DC... [Huh! Guess not!]

1) Jason Todd--DC Comics - Do I really have to explain this? He was dead. The *fans* voted him dead. Not by a great margin, no, but even the fans hated Jason Todd. WHY does he live again in all his wangsty glory? I hope he dies in the upcoming Final Crisis. Morrison--please, for the love of all that is good and holy--hear my plea. Kill Jason--again--and leave Bruce alone. Because if you kill Bruce, you will see how quickly I drop all of my Bat-titles.

2) Damian Wayne--DC Comics - Again is an explanation really necessary? Nightwing, all of the readers are asking the same thing you are asking yourself--why are you trying to save this ungrateful little shit? I know that you Bats always feel like you've failed if someone dies on your watch, but no one will blame you. Just this once--let the little turd die. Ra's will have a new body, and you will have a way more awesome bad guy to deal with than that spoiled fucking child.

3) Arthur Weasley--Harry Potter - It's complicated. I *liked* Arthur, but he was the one that JKR saved, and had 2 other characters die instead. Which two, you ask? Tonks and Lupin, of course. My FAVORITE CHARACTERS IN ALL SEVEN BOOKS. So... I wish Arthur had died instead. I know, it's cold.

4) Sirius Black--Harry Potter - Should have died sooner. By the end of OotP, he was this whinging spoiled brat. I get that he never really had the chance to grow up, but it doesn't change that Harry needed him to be a grown up, and he wasn't. And he never got that Harry was not James, which I hated.

5) Susan Pevensie--Narnia - I wish she had died with her brothers and sister and parents. I wish she could have been with them that last time in Narnia, and then with them in heaven. It would have been a happier ending for me.
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( Aug. 10th, 2007 08:39 pm)
Name five of the funniest lines of dialogue.

1) From All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder (written by Frank Miller, who I'm not wild about as a Batman writer, but this was funny):

Dick Grayson: So what do you call this thing, anyway?
The Goddamn Batman (looking badass): The Batmobile
Dick Grayson (rolling his eyes): That is totally queer.
The Goddamn Batman (looking pissed): Shut up.

2) From Young Justice (which is almost universally very funny), in the No Man's Land special:

Superboy: Let me get this straight. Gotham City *needs* help, but *you're* sidelined, right? No Robins allowed?
Robin: Yeah. That about sums it up.
Superboy: But Batman never said anything about your *teammates,* right? Never a mention of *Young Justice* steering clear of Gotham or you'd be waxing the Batmobile?
Robin: Not in so many words.
Superboy and Impulse: LOOPHOLE!
Robin: What do you *mean,* loophole? Guys? GUYS!!
Superboy and Impulse: ROAD TRIP!

3) From Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (I laughed out loud reading this):

Ron: Why does my room have to be cleaned out? Harry and I are fine with it the way it is!
Mrs. Weasley: We are holding your brother's wedding here in a few days' time, young man--
Ron: And are they getting married in my bedroom? No! So why in the name of Merlin's saggy left--

4) Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (and I honestly have a hard time picking just one thing from this, but DAMN, it was funny):

Jay: Why do they call you Cock-Knocker?
The Cock-Knocker: Funny story about that, true story, too-- ::WHAM, The Cock-Knocker slams Jay in the nuts with his oversized fist of Cock-Knocking::

Jay: And for one more record, he *loves* the cock. (I really couldn't pick just one thing from this. I found the movie very funny, if REALLY terrible)

5) From Teen Titans (the animated series):

All of the Titans: ::are wearing Robin costumes::
Starfire: Do you desire another slice of the cheese, Robin?
Beast Boy: Thanks, Robin. ::slides box to Cyborg:: Got room for another one, Robin?
Cyborg: Don't mind if I do, Robin.
Raven: You know Robins, I have to admit. The mask makes me feel cool.
Robin (who was behind Raven as she said this): Huh. Pizza. Sweet. ::sits down and grabs a piece of pizza. Looks cool:: You know, Robins, the mask makes me feel cool, too.
In answer to the question...

What five character deaths affected you the most?

1) Bart Allen (aka Impulse/Kid Flash/The Flash): Honestly, I don't care all that much about the speedsters, but this is Bart. Bart who was way cute in Young Justice (and in his own title), who was painfully eager to please in Teen Titans, and who--as The Flash--liked to run fast and help people. I was heartbroken that they killed him. So much so, that I considered buying Countdown 42--despite the dreadful art--so that I could have the issue that showed his funeral. And I don't care that they brought Wally back. I liked Bart better.

2) Jean Grey (aka Marvel Girl/Phoenix): The most recent death--the one in 2005. I was so affected, in fact, that I stopped buying X-Men comics once I realized that they weren't bringing her back right away. She was my favorite character, and when they got rid of her (and put Cyclops with EMMA FROST, of all people), I lost my interest in the series.

3) Angel Dumott Schunard: The "heart" of the Rent family. No matter how many times I see Rent, I always cry when Angel dies. It's pathetic. I start crying during "Without You" and I don't really stop until after the finale. With the minor exception of "What You Own," but who can cry during an inspirational song like that?

4) Cedric Diggory: The first Harry Potter death. I was shocked that J. K. Rowling had killed this fairly benign, charming character. These were kids' books, for cryin' out loud! I thought the bad guy was supposed to be the one that kicked it.

Deathly Hallows spoiler, and is there anyone reading this that *hasn't* read Deathly Hallows yet? )
Happy Friday, and it's time for the new [ profile] fannish5, which is this week: "Who are your five favorite sidekicks?"

Where to begin?

Pain and Panic--Disney's Hercules: The Movie. They so totally go together, and you can't really have one without the other. I love these little guys. They are Hades' foils as well as his sidekicks. And they're funny. "If... If is good."

Faithful/Pounce--Tamora Pierce's Tortall Books. What can I say? He's snarky, speaks his mind, and loves his girls. How can you not love a cat that yowls at the Goddess herself because he thinks She scared Alanna (She totally did). Plus he's way smart, and is aloof, as all cats must be. In conclusion: Faithful Rules. 'nuff said.

Sailor Uranus--Sailor Moon. If any of the Outer Senshi could be considered "sidekicks" to Sailor Moon, Uranus would be my favorite. She makes no bones about the fact that for the most part, she doesn't like the Inners or their methods, and she thinks she can do it better. For the most part, she's right. Though difficult to get along with, she is intensely loyal to all those she cares about, and I adore her.

R2-D2--Star Wars. You don't usually know what he's saying, but you can be pretty sure it's not very nice (can you sense a theme?). R2 is helpful and smart, and he does what he thinks is right, no matter what others tell him to do. Who wouldn't love this little Astromech?

Willow Rosenberg--Buffy. I have always loved Willow. She's awkward but funny, and she cares a great deal about the people around her. True, she may have tweaked a little after Tara died (wouldn't you if your lover was shot in front of you?), but she evened out--thanks to Xander--and became a better person and witch for it.

Sidekicks are so cool. ::smiles happily::
In response to this week's [ profile] fannish5:

Name five totally self-indulgent story ideas. (The fanfic you would write if you didn't care if you had an audience and also had no shame.)

1) Fandom: Disney's Hercules--A Meg-centric fic focusing on the difficulty of her decisions while she is serving Hades. It would be introspective, and angsty as all get-out. And might not even mention Wonderboy, because it's more about her and the whole "how did I get here, and what am I doing" kind of thing.

2) Fandom: Desperate Housewives--A fic focusing on the growing friendship of Carlos and Gabi after their divorce. How despite all the anger and bitterness, they really do mean a lot to each other, even though they will never be what they once were.

3) Fandom: Tamora Pierce's Tortall--Something about Taybur. I would like to write a fic about him and his relationship with Dunevon. I think he makes a really wonderful father figure for the young king, and he cares for him more than anyone else ever has or ever will. Plus it has the added benefit of being utterly heartbreaking in the resolution, which, naturally, I would include as a sort of postlude to the fic.

4) Fandom: Wicked (musical)--I would like to write a Glinda fic about her life at the end of the play. As far as she knows, everyone she has ever loved is dead, and I would like to explore how that affects her as a person, and as a ruler.

5) Fandom: Grey's Anatomy--After this week's episode, I think I would really like to explore the Addison/Alex dynamic, and how it came to be. I mean, really. This is the Vanilla Latte OTP, and I went in three seconds from WTF??!! to SQUEEEEEEE!! It has a crack potential that I had never considered, and really liked.

And that is all. These are all fandoms I never touch, because... I just don't. I don't really feel there's enough of an audience, or that i could to them justice. So these are my shameless if-I-had-no-audience fics.


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