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( Oct. 30th, 2010 12:10 pm)
fic or treat

((This version from [ profile] kirax2 ))
1. Comment in this thread and say, "Fic or Treat!"

2. Tell me who you're dressed as. (You don't have to actually be dressed as that person). You can be any one character from a fandom I know. If I'm not familiar with your character I might--or might not--ask you for a different one. You can be dressed as the same character as someone else, but try to give it a bit of variety if you can (i.e. specify a different version of your character).

3. On October 31st, you'll get a treat! It might be an icon, a song recommendation, maybe even an actual fic or anything else I can think of! Hopefully with a Halloween spin.
Nightwing 139.

I don't have words yet.

That was exactly right--exactly what I thought/hoped/needed to happen.

I am a puddle. Mush. I think I will go cry now. I ♥ my Batboys.

Better reaction later, when I have processed. God that was wonderful. My faith is restored in writers for the Batfamily.


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