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[ profile] fannish5--My Favorite Sidekicks!

([personal profile] nutterzoi Feb. 10th, 2007 01:20 am)
Happy Friday, and it's time for the new [ profile] fannish5, which is this week: "Who are your five favorite sidekicks?"

Where to begin?

Pain and Panic--Disney's Hercules: The Movie. They so totally go together, and you can't really have one without the other. I love these little guys. They are Hades' foils as well as his sidekicks. And they're funny. "If... If is good."

Faithful/Pounce--Tamora Pierce's Tortall Books. What can I say? He's snarky, speaks his mind, and loves his girls. How can you not love a cat that yowls at the Goddess herself because he thinks She scared Alanna (She totally did). Plus he's way smart, and is aloof, as all cats must be. In conclusion: Faithful Rules. 'nuff said.

Sailor Uranus--Sailor Moon. If any of the Outer Senshi could be considered "sidekicks" to Sailor Moon, Uranus would be my favorite. She makes no bones about the fact that for the most part, she doesn't like the Inners or their methods, and she thinks she can do it better. For the most part, she's right. Though difficult to get along with, she is intensely loyal to all those she cares about, and I adore her.

R2-D2--Star Wars. You don't usually know what he's saying, but you can be pretty sure it's not very nice (can you sense a theme?). R2 is helpful and smart, and he does what he thinks is right, no matter what others tell him to do. Who wouldn't love this little Astromech?

Willow Rosenberg--Buffy. I have always loved Willow. She's awkward but funny, and she cares a great deal about the people around her. True, she may have tweaked a little after Tara died (wouldn't you if your lover was shot in front of you?), but she evened out--thanks to Xander--and became a better person and witch for it.

Sidekicks are so cool. ::smiles happily::


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